Mala Beads – all you need to know!

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I’ve always been intrigued by Mala Beads, wherever I’ve come across them – be it at an ashram where they were used for ceremonies, carried around by swamis, or sold at the ashram…

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The Basics of Breathwork

I love the idea of a 21-day relaxation challenge. And while breathing is automatic if we think about it and treasure it more, it will transform us. Namaste.

Cultivating Habits

As part of my February challenge to relax every day for 21 days I’ll be doing a lot of breathwork.

In my experience, breathwork:

  • reduces my anxiety, like before a big presentation or on a crowded train
  • brings me to the present moment
  • helps me fall asleep
  • helps release muscle tension, particularly while in a challenging yoga pose

We use breathwork a lot in yoga by using specific pranayama techniques.  But you don’t have to be doing yoga to practice breathwork.

Four Basic Breathing Techniques

There are often times when we can’t control what’s going on around us.  But what we can control is how we react to stressful situations.  One very powerful way to control our reactions is to take a moment to check in with our breath.  It’s an easy habit to cultivate and one that can really help to balance your nervous system and chill you out.

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So, where have I been for these past few months?

It’s been months since I shared my yoga news. Happy to report, it’s all good  I finished my 200-hour RYT certification and added a specialization in Restorative Yoga.

Parikia, ParosI travelled to Crete to practice and then on to Paros for beach yoga. Teaching community classes at Yoga Space  taught me  how to pace a class, help students and share the wonderful energy that occurs in a group.

tree 1Last weekend, I travelled with five friends to the Bad River. It’s near the French River, an hour north of Parry Sound. The “Bad”, as locals call it, is remote. It takes 45 minutes by fast boat, down two sets of intense rapids and suddenly the water, rocks and sky open to beautiful Georgian Bay.

Each friend was asked to organize an activity. I taught yoga on the deck. While we were practicing, an eagle who nests in the area, swooped around to say hi. I intended to teach Tree as a balance pose but quickly switched to Eagle  even though it’s not my favourite.


John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you’re making plans.” On the Bad, I learned when the universe gives a gift, embrace it.

When have your plans changed because of the unexpected?


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