What IS my intention?

cropped intentionLast week I went to the Yoga Show in Toronto. Stopping at  one booth, I was asked “What’s your intention?” The visual above shows what I wrote.

Many yoga classes ask us to set an intention at the start of class. I was never sure what I was being asked to do. Is an intention the same as a goal? Where do I start?

Researching this, I’ve found an intention is not the same as a goal. Buddhist teachings claim an intention is a path or practice related to the present. A goal is future focused. For example, my intention for yoga practice might be to accept my body today. My goal might be to hold Wheel Pose for six breaths, one day.

wheel posePhillip Moffit has written extensively on this. When we set an intention at the start of yoga class, he asks us to consider what brought us to our mat that day. What are we feeling?

Angry? Set an intention on forgiveness. Lonely? Consider compassion. Feeling sad? Think about joy filling the  heart. Feeling insecure? Perhaps thinking “confidence” might work.

There’s no right or wrong way to set an intention. It’s personal. It’s your intention and your practice.

clouds_largeIntentions relate to making a body-mind-spirit connection. My intention drafted at the Yoga Show doesn’t feel quite right. As life changes, my intentions will too. I like gratitude as an intention.  I think it’s at the centre of all that I need to do.

What about you? Do you set intentions? Can you share your wisdom on this? Weigh in please!


cloud photo credit: http://www.farcrydesign.com


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3 Responses to What IS my intention?

  1. Colette Shand says:

    May I suggest…
    To live in ease and in gratitude.
    (Once a copy editor, always a copy editor.) Really, tho, each intention is personal. Mine: to give myself away. May the highest good for all be achieved. I went to a great class yesterday with a new instructor. Slow, deep class with some so called easy stuff that has left me sore today due to crunchy holding of deep poses. Exciting. Lovely. Peace inducing. Much love and support to you Kalene. You rock!


  2. Stacey says:

    I usually set my intention based on my needs at that moment in time. Often it is for me to create a sense of peace and serenity that I can carry and maintain throughout the day. Sometimes my intention is to send the positive energy that I cultivate in practice to a friend who needs support….


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