Use part of your lunch hour to add a daily pranayama practice

We’re all so busy these days.

Finding a quiet place to practice breathing and looking inward for even a few minutes can add hours of energy for other activities.

Read how Michael does this.

Home Yoga Practice


Yoga must have been very different back in the day. Imagine if you had joined a yoga school in India around the time of Patanjali. You would have left all of your earthly belongings to study yoga. A portion of your daily practice, aside from learning Sanskrit, doing asana, practicing devotion to your teachers, writing japas and cleaning the temple, would be a regular practice of pranayama in preparation for meditation.

Fast forward to 2014. There is no temple. There is no renunciation. You have bills and if you are lucky you have a job. To top it off, yoga is becoming now a fad with “rock star” teachers being paraded around in a glass box in Manhattan slinging hotel chains. Had enough? Perhaps you can reclaim some elements of the past by finding a quiet place to do 10 to 15 minutes of pranayama.

Pranayama is an extremely subtle…

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