Mala Beads – all you need to know!

Mala beads are perfect for meditation and jazz up an outfit. I bought a set for me to celebrate finishing my yoga teacher training. Love them. Tiny Devotions is a wonderful Canadian source for mala beads.


Yoga & Joyful Living

I’ve always been intrigued by Mala Beads, wherever I’ve come across them – be it at an ashram where they were used for ceremonies, carried around by swamis, or sold at the ashram shop (yes, ashrams have shops…) – or quite simply on Instagram where they seem to have found another popular use: as a fashion accessory.

And let’s be honest, which other item can both assist you in furthering your spiritual practice and can serve to enhance your outfit? Exactly.

What I found confusing though is the number of different types of beads, and then there are the brown, shrivelled ones – I always thought they’re some kind of stone (just like the others) but they’re not, they’re actually seeds from a tree!

The more I started reading about Mala Beads, the more I found them fascinating – so I decided to put together a “Mala…

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